The Founder

Hello I’m Eric, 37, a French from Paris, married and I have four sisters (who I love!). I like diving. I also like to share a drink with my friends ... in the sun, even better. I practice some drums and I'm a big fan of music: Soul, Hip Hop, Funk, rock, electro ... and above all Pink Floyd. My friends are very international and open-minded; They are from France, UK, Germany, US, Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, Portugal, Morocco, Israel, Lebanon, Spain, China ...

My professional experience is gained in multinational companies operating abroad: Paris-London remains "famous" in my professional life. And above all, I love traveling and discovering new cultures.

So I had the chance to travel a lot for personal and professional reasons, make short and long stays. Very often, I wanted to go out for entertainment (a drink, attend a concert, ...) with local or nearby people like me visiting. The fact was I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t have a simple, convenient and secure way to quickly meet peers for a drink or a concert.

I happened to find this same situation in France, in Paris, returning from a long stay abroad for example. Friends are not available so there's nobody to do an activity. So, I stayed alone and frustrated.

That’s how I got the idea of Tsoh Activities: create an app that allows you, from where you are, right away, now, to find peers to play tennis, have a drink, go to the museum… easily and with confidence.

The Dream Team

Today, we are a team of 7 professionals, mainly composed of young talents. We are all very excited and motivated to develop and make a success of the app Tsoh Activities, which will allow you to set up all your favorite activities.

Why is it called Tsoh Activities?

• Tsoh mirrors the word "host": the host welcomes, receives and shares quality time with guests
• Tsoh, in Tibetan, also means "gathering" with the idea of generosity
• Activities: it makes sense 🙂

This is the ambition of Tsoh Activities: gather and share by giving anyone, anywhere in the world, when he wants, whether to hold an activity or to join an activity, leave his home, have fun, learn, visit cultural events or play sports, with people who have the same aspiration, simultaneously, freely and safely.

We have only one goal: that no one remains seeking a partner in vain, and that everyone makes Tsoh Activities his tool to set up his activities, for the happiness of all. The experience of life is richer when shared!

Eric de Tsoh Activities